System Breakdowns

If you have a problem with your heating system you want it resolved as quickly as possible. The cause of the problem could be with the boiler, water pump or be as simple as bleeding and balancing the radiators. We can sort it out for you quickly and efficiently.

System Installs

We can install a full heating system from scratch or enhance an existing one. It is important to work out the heat loss from the building to ensure a system of the right capacity is provided.

We would take advantage of all the existing radiators and boilers and or replace with their modern equivalent as would be appropriate for the circumstances of the particular installation.

Energy Efficient Controls

If you are installing a new system should should always ensure that Energy Efficient heating controls are used to reduce costs. Thermostatic Radiator Valves, programmable room thermostats and Zone Valves can be used to create boiler interlock (an arrangement of the system controls -room thermostats, cylinder thermostats, programmers and time switches - to ensure that the boiler does not fire when there is no demand for heat).